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Model profile : Soft-Emilly



My age : 26 years
My native country : Germany

My hair : Blond
My eyes : Brown
My height : 168 cm
My weight : 57 kg

My languages : de en

My astrological sign :
My secrets : Are you ready for a dive? A deep and long one? I wanna discover the depths of your desires, all those "unreal" and "seemtobeimpossible" fantasies of yours... I wanna be the light in the darkest corners of your soul, those can be revealed to me with no fear to be judged or misunderstood. Who are we to hide or fight our demons? Let them out of the shelter, I bet they would love to meet me ;)

Born to turn heads. I prefer to lead rather than be led. I prefer to take than to be taken. Penetration is important to me, in your thoughts, your senses, your body.
I'm an independent and private dominant woman who lives out unconventional fantasies with fun and lust.

An attractive, slim and tall natural beauty. In addition direct, imaginative and playful. And still determined.

With intelligence, extraordinary creativity and hot sensuality I will drive you crazy, because the combination of your secret imagination and my uninhibited passion creates unimagined possibilities, the exciting intensity of which can hardly be described.

Yes, I'm really perverse and enjoy it!

As an experienced lady trained in the varieties of BDSM, I receive you privately in my chat;)

Few rules for you:
1. respect for all
2. don't cry
2. don't beg
3. don't ask about private stuff
4. if you ask about something, first tip
5. don't promote other models or pages
6. no ugly things : pee, poo.. etc
7. always say hello and bye bye

Discover my body :

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My likes :

I love to eat...

Fast food sandwiches
Indian delights
Vegetarian kitchen
Japanese sushi
My country specific-cooking
French kitchen
Italian pasta
Chinese specialty
Sweets and pastries

I love...

Having a walk outdoors
Faraway trips
Yoga and meditation
A good meal in a restaurant
Going to a pub with the friends
Reading a good book
A quiet evening at home
Disco dancing
Going to the cinema

I love sports...

Combat sports
Bedroom sports

I love music...

Popular music